Wholesale Diamonds

The Highest Quality Diamonds For The Lowest Prices  

As direct diamond importers and certified diamond cutters, we have access to the highest quality stones, allowing our customers to save thousands by buying straight from the source, cutting out the middleman entirely.

Smart Shoppers Buy Wholesale

Did you know that diamonds sold at retail locations and chain jewelry stores are typically marked up by as much as 50-70%? That’s why smart and savvy shoppers buy wholesale. You can literally save thousands on your diamond purchase. Plus, with Diamond & Gold Exchange, you know you’re getting genuine wholesale prices. 

Shop, Compare, Save!  

We encourage all our customers to shop our competition, big box retailers, chain jewelry stores, and even online diamond companies. You’ll see that nobody beats our wholesale diamond prices, guaranteed! Shop, compare, save!

A Diamond For Every Budget

We pride ourselves in having a diamond for every budget, so don’t be afraid to shop wholesale, even if you worry you have a tight budget. In fact, buying your diamond wholesale is one of the smartest ways to shop, as your money will go further when you aren’t paying the excessive markup added to jewelry purchases at big box retailers and chain jewelry stores. 

High Quality Ethically Sourced Diamonds

At Diamond & Gold Exchange, we specialize in high-quality, GIA-certified diamonds. You will be provided with the GIA Certificate for most diamonds you purchase with us. Our diamonds are conflict-free and guaranteed to originate from ethical and socially responsible sources.

We sell diamonds loose or mounted. We can also have any diamond you select set into a unique jewelry design or setting of your choice, allowing you to design your dream engagement ring or any piece of jewelry while still saving thousands. 

Our wide range of inventory primarily includes colorless and near-colorless diamonds (GIA: D to J). Our loose diamonds range in clarity grade from Flawless to Slightly Included (GIA: FL to SI2). 

We primarily offer the following diamond shapes: Round Brilliant, Princess Cut, Pear Shape, Oval Shape, Marquise Cut, Heart Shape, Radiant Cut, Cushion Cut, Emerald Cut, Asscher Cut, and Old Mined or European Cut.